“Ball To Dance” was created to promote social dancing. For people who are spending most of their time in an online world, social dancing provides an opportunity to have human interaction like in old times, which is essential for a feeling of happiness. We run events, provide dancing program for social gatherings, and run meetup group in GTA area.

Salsa & Bachata Social Party at Richmond Hill

Learn to dance. Meet new friends. Be more active. Rekindle your romance.

No experience is needed, before each social dance lesson for beginners is provided.

No partner is needed to attend, as there are always people to dance with.

Socialize with other attendees in snack area. Water and snacks are free with addmision.

Home Party:
Dancing Program

This unique program is designed for adults to experience various dancing styles (Historical; Latin; Disco; etc) in a few hours.

The program is provided at your place with a minimum space requirement of 10 square feet per person.

Dancing with Friends

This meet-up is for people interested in dancing, who want to go to dance socials in the GTA area as a group.

We try new places or go to members favorite places together, that way there is always someone familiar in the crowd to dance with. 

Hope to see you soon !

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